Natural Farm Fresh
Locally Produced in Idaho on an environmentally friendly dairy farm.
We pride ourselves in raising healthy cows for healthy milk. Fresh from our cows to your home.

Simple Facts
What is raw milk?
Raw milk is natural unaltered milk from cows.
It has not been pasteurized, homogenized or frozen, nor has it been altered with additives, chemicals or light. Nothing has been added to it or taken away from it. It is pure, real milk that has not processed or adulterated.

We are a Licensed ISDA Inspected, Grade A Quality Dairy
Our raw milk permit requires specialized barns, equipment and sanitation standards for bottling raw milk. Are you familiar with Idaho law on raw milk? Under the new 2009-2010 Idaho code, herd-share or small-herd exemption operations do not have to meet Grade A dairy requirements for facilities and equipment.  Be familiar with how your food is cared for and handled. To learn more, click here.

How long will raw milk last?
Our milk is chilled to 38-degrees Fahrenheit in less than a minute after being milked! This helps keep it very fresh. Not all raw milk producers have this ability to chill their raw milk in under a minute! 

Raw milk is a highly perishable food. This doesn't mean it will always sour after a couple weeks, but the cream may become very thick and will stop mixing back in with the nonfat milk. It will change in consistency and flavor.

Raw milk is best when consumed within the first week, but will last approximately two weeks after being bottled. We label our milk with a one week "Sell By" date from when it was bottled, which means you have about one week after the date on the bottle to drink it.

Is raw milk safe?
No food is 100% safe. Raw milk is no more or less dangerous than other unprocessed foods. The potential pathogens that may occur in raw milk are the same as those which can occur in other foods such as produce, meat, fish and pasteurized and processed dairy products. If produced correctly, there is nothing about raw milk that makes it any more or less likely to contain these organisms. As with all foods, if they are produced carefully and correctly they are relatively safe. Any foods which are produced incorrectly or mishandled may be dangerous.

For your peace of mind, we raised our own family on Natural Farm Fresh raw milk even before we had a licensed permit to sell to you and your family. We have always had confidence in the cleanliness and sanitation standards of our dairy and our milk even before offering it to the general public.

Our milk is antibiotic free!
What most people don't know is that even conventional milk is antibiotic free. All milk marketed for human consumption must pass sampling tests to verify it is antibiotic free.

This "antibiotic free" claim to fame is an over used marketing ploy/scare tactic because all milk for sale must be antibiotic free in order to be sold to the general public.

Natural Nutrients, Vitamins and Enzymes
The natural nutrients, vitamins, and enzymes raw milk contains have not been destroyed or altered by cooking or pasteurizing.

See our nutrition page for more details.

We do not use any artificial growth hormones.
Nor do we add chemicals, antibiotics or growth hormones to our feed.

The Cream Line
We recommend shaking our milk before drinking for full nutritional value and flavor.

- The great thing about fresh milk is the butter fat naturally separates to the top. This (the cream line) has many great advantages:

- Skim the cream off the top for coffee, whip-cream, ice-cream or toppings for desserts. If you enjoy adventures in the kitchen, experiment with yogurts, cheeses or homemade butter.

- Use the cream for baking and cooking.

- If this is your first exposure to drinking raw milk, your body may not be adapted to the live enzymes and nutrients available from it.  For this reason, we recommend drinking smaller amounts of our milk per day (10 oz/adults, 6 oz/children) to begin acclimating your body and to avoid overloading your digestive system.


Our calves are raised at our dairy. We are a closed dairy, meaning all our cows have been born here. For this reason, we have managed and eliminated many diseases that other dairies may face.
Hear what our customers are saying:

"Love your milk! I have been buying your raw milk from high country produce for a couple months now but just found your site today. I too appreciate your great tasting and affordable raw milk. My family of 7 appreciates it! Thank you."
B.F. of Boise, April 2011

"Thank you so much for providing our area with such a wonderful product. I was ecstatic when I went to my farmer's market and saw that they were carrying it. :-) I have ventured to make cheese and butter with the milk as well as ice cream! I'm loving it and would love to tour your farm come spring. Have a wonderful winter, and again, thank you!"

"I just wanted to email you and let you know how appreciative we are to finally find a source for raw milk. I have heard of many hardships that raw milk dairies are facing, especially against the so-called "authorities" on health...I will be glad to visit when you start the touring again. I told my dad about buying some raw milk and he was so excited to be able to purchase some as well... Thank you again for pressing through and giving us all a chance to drink healthy milk."

"We have REALLY been enjoying and appreciating your milk since discovering it this summer at Stonehenge Produce. I was raised on the stuff, and wanted my young kids to have the same advantage. We know it is far superior nutritionally to pasteurized milk, and it tastes a lot better, too!"

"We have been thoroughly enjoying your raw milk from Stonehenge Produce... Thanks for making raw milk available and affordable!"
Andrea, Boise ID

"First of all let me say thank you so much for jumping through all those hoops to provide us with raw milk. I have been waiting a long time for this."
Sharla, Nampa ID

"..[Y]our milk is the most delicious I've tasted!  Thank you, I've looked for raw milk for years."

"I love the raw milk, it's been a real blessing."

"I just discovered that the barn on Fairview was selling raw milk this week.  I just had a hunch to stop in there, and I am so glad I did.  I have been trying to purchase raw milk for quite awhile.  We are a military family originally from Georgia where the purchase of raw milk is illegal for human consumption.  We are thankful to be living in a state where there is still some freedom, and we appreciate the trouble you have gone through to provide this.  I tried contacting some other dairies but was never able to purchase any.  One never returned my call, another only does deliveries... and the last one wanted to incorporate beef with the purchase.  I can't afford the beef.   Your milk is very affordable, and I am so thankful.  I am currently pregnant and low on iron, and I am hoping this is going to help me with my iron absorption problem.  I wish I could ship this to my Grandma in Georgia and all of her older friends who miss raw milk and realize its value.  It is such a shame that we live in such an overregulated nation that was established on the basis of freedom and free enterprise.  Thank God for Idaho. I look forward to touring your farm this spring and maybe one day I can have a little dairy cow or two of my own to milk (once we end up back in Georgia) since we can't legally buy it there.
...[Your] milk is so good!  I skimmed the cream off the top and made butter yesterday.  Even with the cream gone, it tastes like I am drinking whole milk.  Wishing you much success!"

"Thank you so much for producing raw milk!  I have been searching for a convenient, affordable source for quite awhile."

"I've been buying your milk from Shane & Melvin at Stonehenge produce for many months now.  We love it!  We've even begun making our own butter from your milk.  ...[W]ith 10 kids, I go through 16 gallons of milk, 6 lbs of butter, and 15 lbs of cheese every week!"

"I am excited to see that raw milk is being carried at High Country Produce.  I know it has been a lot of work legally to get it to that point."

"I bought a gallon of your raw milk on Fairview at a fruit/veg. place by choice meats.  It is the first time I have ever had it and it's great!  Our family is finally eating very healthy."

"Thanks for making raw milk available and affordable!"

"I appreciate your reasonable price for raw milk."

"My girls loved the [Natural Farm Fresh Dairy] tour and even my 13 year old had a good time."

"This afternoon I spoke with Shane Shade at Stonehenge Produce to thank him for selling your milk at a price we can afford.  He suggested I E-mail you.  How grateful we are to once again have wholesome, locally produced, farm fresh raw milk available to us.  It has been over 20 years since we enjoyed such a quality milk product.  Thank you so much for your efforts to produce this superior product and bring it to market...
...Our perception that quality raw milk like yours is far,far more satisfying in the truest sense of the word than processed milk could ever be.  Raw milk, I believe, is so much more immediately
satisfying and enjoyable to drink because it fulfills our nutritionalrequirements in ways no other food can.  Sometimes it is a challenge to express our heart in words.  Quality, tasteful, satisfying, clean(chemical free), wholesome nutrition is a huge priority in our home.  The availability and quality of your raw milk is deeply appreciated in that context...
...We have some small sense of the opposition you had to overcome.  We have some sense of the courage necessary to market raw milk.  Know that we appreciate your dedication and good work in this regard.  Once again we may enjoy the far superior taste and nutritional quality of real milk the way it should be enjoyed . . . raw.   Again, know that we are very grateful and that your product is greatly enjoyed at our table.  We will continue to refer our friends."
Curtis, Boise ID

"Thank you!! Thank you, for putting your milk in the store.  I drank raw milk as a kid; I raised my children on raw milk; I have only one daughter that has been able to find raw milk for her family.  I have actually carried raw milk some 250 miles, just to have it in my home.  Now you have placed it in a market that is only 7 miles away.  Bless You.  And, thank you, again."

"...I want to thank you for the raw milk, our family loves it. My teenage son had a severe problem with acne on his back. We switched to your raw milk and within 2 weeks his acne was mostly gone...Thank you."

"It's like being a kid again! It tastes just like the milk I was raised on. Thank you for doing this,  I hope you never get forced to quit by the powers that be. I bought your milk at the farmers market in the barn on Fairview, was so happy to see it!
All 5 of us kids growing up were healthy and never broke a bone despite being very active children. My son broke his ankle at age 8, left arm at 9, right arm at 10, and kneecap at 16. My daughter had problems related to emotions and ADD, that type of stuff. I blame diet, cooked milk and other processed food. This is a huge step in the right direction."